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Memorial services

As the cremation of people increases, so is the need for people to memorialize after the service is over. In all cases, the cremated Ashes are normally placed in a container or urn and given to the family members after the service of cremation bis over. Urns are usually made using clay, metal, wood or other such materials and can be found in a myriad other personalized designs of styles. I’d you are wondering what to do with Cremated Ashes, read on to find out some of the commonly used and unique permanent memorialization options.

Burring Cremated Ashes

This is identical to the old way of hurrying with a vault or casket. The only distinction is that the remains are not placed in the casket but are cremated and put in the urn. Many cemeteries nowadays provide this kind of burial. There are those who will need a cremation vault; a concrete or metal vault used in placing the urn. The urn vault works like a protective container for placing your urn. Most modern cemeteries have set aside an urn garden specifically for cremation cases.

Cremation Niches
Cremations niches are burial spaces high up the ground in a columbarium where urns are placed and in some instances sealed. Just like mausoleum, it is comprises of walls with compartments that a recessed for putting the urn permanently. Most cemeteries have niches, both outdoors and indoors. The costs will vary based on the cemetery and the location.

Cremations Urns
For those who intend to keep the remains of their loved ones for long and securely, they will need a good container. Commonly, people go for the urn and the styles to opt for as as different as people’s personalities. The family members can opt for urns that reflect the personality traits of the individuals whose ashes are placed in them.

Ash Scattering

It is popular for loved ones to scatter the crates remains of their beloved in a place that they cherished the most while alive. Skme common places are a favorite park or in the ocean. You must confirm whether permits and permissions are needed for these locations like private property and state parks. Other good options to opt for include at-sea or aerial scattering.

Cremation Jewelry

This is a keepsake that enables one to share their loved ones remains and offer a connection to the dear one they have lost. Such a jewelry will be a tiny vial with the remains put in a ring, pendant, bracelet or eating. There are those who will go the extra mile of making a real diamond out of the ashes. Usually, the family members engrave memorable quotes from the lost loved one to preserve and accompany the memory.

For the individuals looking for very creative and unique methods of memorializing their loved ones, the cremated Ashes can be put into glass orbs, launched in space or placed in fireworks. Launching in space entails the remains of the loved one being put in the orbit and sent to the lunar surface or places among the stars forever

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