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Seeking for Memorial Portraits

If a family member has just departed, your family must have decided to cremate the body and keep the ash. However, you want to immortalize your deceased loved one. One way of doing it is through having a memorial portrait. What is more meaningful about the process is that the artist will use the ashes of your deceased loved one to draw the portrait. If you heard of Icons In Ash, you better check the updates from their website to know what they truly offer. You want to honor the memory of your family member. There is no more special way than having a memorial portrait.

As you browse further, you will surely respect the work of art that their visual artists have been exhibiting all these years. For sure, other people also like to immortalize their deceased loved ones. Hence, they decided to avail memorial portraits from Icons In Ash. The process of creating an artwork from the ash is indeed both an art and a science. When you receive the memorial portrait and display it on your living room, it seems like the memory of that special person in your life never fades. In fact, you just feel that the person is with you all the time.

The visual artist who will work for the memorial portrait of your loved one will bring you a calming but powerful creation. The artist must have undergone trainings that perfected his craft. What his team usually does is to make a subtly texted surface from the ash particles. From there, they create a portrait image. The image will be placed in secured wooden shadow-box frame. It also has glass protection to make it totally sealed. If you avail their services, they will ask you to wait for less than a month since the creation of memorial portraits require three weeks upon completion.

You have the choice on whether you get the small size or the large size. Since you are curious about the procedure, you may simply call them through their hotline number and ask all the questions relevant to the procedure. For sure, their agents are very much willing to answer them. If you also need help, you can contact them during their office hours. If you are going to send them message, you must provide some vital personal details such as name, phone number, electronic mail address, and your message. Just make sure that you send them a detailed message so that they will understand what you ask of them.

It is also possible that you request zoom call, but you need to email them first or call them to request your appointment. The company is also affiliated to some funeral homes and crematories. Hence, you can communicate with them if you know of other friends who would love to avail memorial portraits after the cremation of their own loved ones. You may also visit their gallery to see samples of their artwork. If you want to follow them on social media, they can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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