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Digital Fundraising Benefits

With the internet becoming more and more part of our day-to-day lives, it is crucial for non-profit organizations to keep up with this development. According to research, 54 percent of donors opt to give online and digital giving is expanding each year. This implies that donors are shifting to online platforms and so should you! You could be wondering if digital fundraising has anything to offer, the reason you are adamant to consider it. This page outlines some benefits you have been missing for not shifting to digital fundraising.

Extended reach is the first pro. Raising pledges online lets you surpass geological limitations. You can utilize your email or several social media channels to pass across the word about your occasion to reach more prospective donors, magnetize new supporters, or generate a buzz or friendly contest between event participants. Digital fundraising often leads to a higher give result compared to traditional tactics. You’re also increasing online visibility which helps in spreading your message.

The personalized account is another benefit of digital fundraising. One of the principal advantages that digital fundraising provides is that you’re empowered to turn into the voice of the organization in your social groups. By including personal messages, stories, and photos to your online account, you’re making a personal plea that produces a bridge to your addressees saying you are important to them and why. This message is much crucial when it originates from a volunteer, donor, or event participant because it shows an impartial view of what you do and who you’re as an organization.

The cost-effective collection is another way in which digital fundraising is beneficial. Preparing an occasion can cost a lot when factoring in the manpower and printing expenses that are related to producing and distributing offline contribution materials, for example, pledge books, not to talk about the staff time expenses they incur when calculating and recounting the pledges in and after the occasion. Now, imagine a contributor gives online, the giving is robotically entered into your folder and an automatic appreciation and tax receipt get sent out without you doing anything. That is the loveliness of digital fundraising! This automation lowers overhead expenses and lets your organization concentrate on attaining its mission.

Another benefit of digital fundraising is that of improved donor relationships. Online giving alternatives lower friction for your contributors and make the process easy and simple for them. Givers do not have to fuss anymore in order to locate their checkbooks, stamps, and envelopes to give to your organization. With mobile phones, they can simply give from the comfort of their home or anywhere. In addition, they receive an appreciation letter plus tax receipt immediately. Your relationship building begins the moment they give. Besides receiving their donation, you also get their contact info, so you can begin to cultivate relationships instantly.
Better data and reporting. Because digital fundraising mechanizes your process, you have instant access to your statistics. You can real-time track your arriving money and run information to have a comprehensible picture of your fundraising efforts. Doing away with manual entry also lessens human error. Better data and reporting lets you easily allocate your money to programs.

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