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Seeking for Pension Advice from an Ideal Financial Planning Service Provider

If you are going to retire soon, you must have thought of de-risking your pension. You want to boost the chances of earning money from your pension before it gets mature. A lot of companies have been offering financial services to help you meet your goal, but only a few of them could be trusted. If you do not want your savings to go to waste, you better look for a reliable provider. If you heard of Bluewater Financial Planning, you better check their official website to know some of their features.

One thing you will love about Bluewater Financial Planning is that it does not only entice you to try their service. They will also try to educate their prospective clients to know the truth before they invest. As you browse the page, you will be informed of the advantage of de-risking pension before retirement. As a client, you want to move your pension investment into cash or bonds before your pension plan gets matured. The content which will be rendered to you will give you an idea about annuity. People believed that the only option when you come at your retirement was just to avail annuity. For as long as you live, you receive annuity in a form of cash.

If you won an ARF, then other people will advise you not to de-risk the pension. Your investment journey as they say will even not stop at retirement because you have an ARF. There is a tendency that the value of your pension falls before you retire. However, the most exciting phase there is when you get the opportunity to buy at a lower cost as you invest in ARF. You are assured that 75% of your money will remain in ARF while the other 25% will form part of tax free lump sum.

Just imagine if you have a big lump sum. Having a huge amount of pension fund will also entitle you to a huge amount of tax free. Another idea is about the change of risk profile. You might have observed other retirees having vulnerability when not receiving monthly pay cheque. Others are not even embracing the idea of spending some of their money to investments that may either go up or down in value. In fact, they do not want to face higher future losses. The Bluewater Financial Planning advisor will look at your capacity of loss. They will do their best to imagine if you will surely have lifestyle changes if ever you face the worst case scenario with the investment.

The wises decision this time is to consolidate your assets. Maximizing tax free lump sum and starting anew with your ARF are also feasible options. You will never go wrong if your portfolio is diverse because the other parts of investments will grow significantly while the others may only need some time to grow. With the right financial planning advisor on your side, you will be guided on the next steps to take.

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